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The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) administers multiple programs throughout the year to enable members and others in the discipline to interact, engage, provide leadership, be recognized and connect with one another.

Throughout 2022, you will find the opportunity to submit materials for the following programs:

  • Submit a proposal for the 2023 virtual Annual Conference (members and non-members)
  • Apply to be a Founders' Fellow (members only)
  • Participate in leadership elections (members only)
  • Nominate yourself or another through our awards program (members and non-members)

Each of these programs have specific open and closing periods throughout the calendar year, so please note that not every page may be active at the same time. Should you have any questions about the forms you need, please contact ASPA staff for assistance.

If you are or have been an ASPA member and you have login information for ASPA's website, those same login credentials will work here. Should you need assistance in recalling those details, please contact us. If you are a new user, you will need to create credentials through this site. Please click "lost password" to your left to do so.

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