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ASPA’s 2018 Annual Conference will center around the theme: Mission Focused and Service First: Creating Innovative Solutions. Presentation tracks will look to definitively bridge theory with practice, providing opportunities not only for researchers and academicians to demonstrate their work, but also highlight ways practitioners can put that work to use—and have already done so. Far from being theoretical, attendees can expect to attend this year’s conference and take home hands-on innovations they can put to use in their locality.

Now's your opportunity to submit a proposal for the 2018 Annual Conference that combines a practitioner's experience with the best scholarly research has to offer.

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10 Learning Tracks Keep Your Options Open!

Ten tracks will categorize this year’s panels and workshops across the dominant themes within the discipline.

Integral to all of them, however, will be the concepts of innovation, evidence based decisionmaking and taking theory to practice.

The conference co-chairs encourage all who submit proposals for consideration to make sure they are considering those concepts as they prepare their submission.

  • On a Shoestring: Budget, Finance and Procurement
  • Before (and After) the Storm: Emergency and Disaster Management
  • An Eye Toward the Future: Environment and Technology
  • A Guiding Philosophy: Ethics and the Law
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Human Resource Management
  • Blurring the Lines: International and Comparative Public Administration
  • Winning the War: The Military in Public Administration
  • A Fresh Approach: Nonprofits and Civic Engagement
  • All Are Not Equal: Advancing Social Equity
  • A Perfect World: Public Administration Theory

Need more information? View more track information here and view our Presenters Guidelines online to find more details that will help you shape the perfect proposal. Conference details including hotel information, a registration form and other resources will be announced in the coming weeks.

Remember: the deadline is September 22! Start planning your proposal now!

To begin your submission, click here.