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American Society for Public Administration 2019 Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2019 | Washington, DC | Mayflower Hotel


The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is the premier society for public administration professionals, researchers, scholars and students. Our 2019 Annual Conference will bring together the best minds in the discipline to look at society’s challenges from a scholarly and practitioner perspective and identify ways we can make a difference.

Do you have ideas? Have you tried new solutions to old problems that made an impact in your agency? Have you developed new research? Submit a proposal today to take the podium next March and present your new innovation, case study, research results or thoughtful solution and help us all advance the public service.

Public finance.   Infrastructure.   Social Equity.   Public Service.   Global Public Administration.

Among public administration’s most significant 21st century challenges, these issues transcend geographic boundaries, sectors and levels of government. They impact the lives of citizens every minute of every day.  They are researched, discussed and applied by our members in our public, private and nonprofit institutions.


ASPA’s 2019 Annual Conference is a Call to Action on these issues. We who are dedicated to the public good must answer the call—those who deliver services amid distrust in government institutions and dwindling resources; academics and scholars who connect theory to practice; non- and for-profit organizations that operate in a world that blurs the distinction between “public” and “private;” and a new generation of professionals who define public service much differently from their predecessors.


Advancing public service—effectively, efficiently and equitably, with a focus on the citizen—requires an unprecedented level of understanding and cooperation. Through the lenses of public finance, infrastructure, social equity, public service and global public administration, the 2019 Annual Conference will highlight innovative scholarship and tested on-the-ground practices that definitively advance public service in the United States and beyond.


Featuring five tracks, the 2019 Annual Conference will provide a focused approach to showcase exemplary scholarship and practice in the field. Many of the topics featured in prior ASPA conferences—including human resources, public management, ethics and integrity, public safety, emergency management, public administration theory, the environment and technology—are as important to this dialogue as ever. They are incorporated in this year’s five tracks. Please review each track description and think carefully about where your proposal fits best.


Track reviewers especially welcome new research and practice, as well as current updates to previous or traditional models. Practice- and field-based work is encouraged. Please do not propose presentations based on literature reviews.


Remember: the deadline is September 14, 2018! Start planning your proposal now!

We suggest you read the Presenter Policies and Guidelines, where you'll also find Evaluation Criteria used by the Track Reviewers.

To begin your submission, click here.